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How can I bring together individual duplicates?

To summarize individual duplicates (contacts or firms) you can go to the page of the person or company, find the edit button on the right and then you will find on the right the merge this person function. 

On the next page you will see all the possible duplicates to the selected person or company. 

You can now tick one or more entries and the selected persons or companies with the "winner" to summarize. All data of the "losers" is transmitted to the "winner" and also checked for duplicates. By combining thus neither notes nor contact or tags get lost. 

Summarizing duplicates on the overview page 

Duplicates can also be combined directly on the overview page of contacts or companies, by ticking the relevant entries and then clicking above the list link merge. The so-merged persons or companies will be taken and combined into a single entry. 

According to the summary of all the data you will be redirected to the page to edit the contact or company. Here you can check the details, correct any errors and save it at the end of the page.

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