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Where can I get FastBill data for integration procedure?

To set up the synchronization of CentralStationCRM and FastBill, you must have a FastBill API key in addition to your FastBill login e-mail address. This will replace your password if we want to access the data in your FastBill account. We use the API key, so we do not have to store your password at any time in plaintext.

First, log in to your FastBill account and go to the Settings dialog at the top right corner. Select Settings.

The FastBill API Key is located at the bottom of the settings page. Copy the full key to the clipboard and then go to your CentralStationCRM.

Go to the People tab of your CentralStationCRM and select Import data in the right column. The FastBill import is available for connecting to other services.

There you will save the e-mail address which you are using to log on to FastBill and the previously copied FastBill API key.