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Can I integrate my tasks and appointments in my calendar?

Tasks and meetings of CentralStationCRM you can easily be embedded in a calendar such as iCal, Outlook, Lightning or Google Calendar.

To integrate your tasks in your calendar you need a link from us. To copy that link please go to Tasks and then select Show options on the right side.

Afterwards you can choose which events you want to subscribe to (my tasks, all tasks, etc.). If you click one of the following links, your default calendar on your computer should show up and ask if it should subscribe to these tasks (Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc.).

If you use a web calendar like Google Calendar or, you need to copy this link and add it to your account (right click on the ling and pick "copy address").

In order to subscribe to the appointments within your calendar, just go to the Calendar page and move on as shown below.

Google Calendar

Afterwards go to your Google Calendar and click on the left "add calendar" and then "add calendar via URL". After you entered the Link you just copied from the CRM the new calendar will be shown.

For a web based Outlook choose "my calendars", then "add calendar" and pick "internet" as the source. Afterwards enter the Link you just copied from the CRM the new calendar will be shown.

Please note, we have no influence on how often Google crawls our CRM. This means, sometimes you will find a delay of up to a few hours.

If you want to edit any appointments, do it in the CRM, not in the calendar. The reason is, that it is only a subscription. We have no access to your calendar and therefore can't synchronize any changes made there.