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Can I export single or multiple persons as a business card (vCard)?​

You can download the contact data of several people as well as the contact details of a single person as a business card from CRM. The export is made in the format vCard (.vcf) and can be imported into email programs or address books.

To export several people at once, select “Export all persons as vCard” in the right column on the Person overview. If you have activated the filter and only a subset of your people are displayed, you can also export this subset as a vCard. To do this, select “Export filtered persons as vCard”. Please note that users with normal rights are not allowed any of these exports. Exports with multiple entries require extended rights, which the account owner can easily assign.

Export individual business card files

In addition to the export of several people at once, you can also export the contact details of a single person as a business card (vCard). To do this, go to the page of the desired person. Once you are moving over the right column, you will see the vCard export option and you can download the business card with one click.

Outlook and importing business cards

Microsoft Outlook does not support the import of business card files with multiple people in any version. As soon as you perform an export with several people and import this data into your Microsoft Outlook, Outlook imports only the contact data of the first person in the business card file. The import of individual business card files, on the other hand, works smoothly. There are several tools to split contiguous vCard files into individual vCards. However the import in Outlook still has to be done per each single vCard.