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Is it possible to integrate the CRM into my website? A kind of form? (GDPR compliant)

If you use a contact form on your website to collect contact information, inquiries or applications, this data can be automatically transferred to the CRM. This means that every visitor filling out the form on your website is created directly in the CRM. The approximate procedure is as follows: You first create a so-called "external form" in the CRM Accounts settings. Then you define which information you would like to ask voluntarily or as a compulsory field from the visitor to your website (name and e-mail address, or telephone or address data?). You will then receive a small html code, which you can embed on your website.

If a visitor of your website is filling out the contact form, the data is stored in the CRM and you are informed about it.

To create an external form in your CRM, proceed as follows.

Go to the top right within the CRM, then click "Account Settings":

then click "create and edit web forms":

First, you need to setup the basic settings for your webform. The page contains quick tips when you click on the question mark, explaining the mandatory details of each field:

You can then choose from a number of fields to get different information from the guest or prospective customer. This includes, in addition to the first and last name, the position and company, the contact data and a field for a message or question of your contact.

In the next step you will get the source code, which you can insert at the desired location of your website. In the default view, the selected fields are contained in a classic formatting. However, you can make customizations using HTML or CSS to better fit the form into your website. We are including the GDPR terms & conditions aswell:

After a request has been entered into your form, a new person will be created directly in your CentralStationCRM containing the requested information. In addition, we will point out a brief notification in your CRM. So a new contact doesn't get lost. Contacts generated by your website are tagged with a keyword. This allows you to send an e-mail to all registered subscribers.