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Sending e-mails from CentralStationCRM

Attaching e-mails to your contacts, so that they show up in the contact history, is quite easy in CentralStationCRM and works with every mail program (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail).

Just click on an e-mail address in your CRM

Your mail program should pop up with a second e-mail address in the bcc field (blind copy).

If you now send your mail, it is sent once to your contact and once to your crm. CentralStationCRM basically matches the e-mail address of your recipient to the addresses of your contacts and assigns it automatically to the one that fits.

If you send mails straight from your e-mail account you can add your crm-address manually to the BCC field. You find it in your settings (the little wheel at the top right -> my settings.

There you find a sentence like "Your individual e-mail dropbox for people:"). Just add it once to your contacts of your mail program, it makes the usage much easier.

Incoming mails you can just forward to your crm-address. Only make sure, that the header (from, to, when, etc.) ist still in the text, because thats what we check for a matching e-mail adress.