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I noticed a new connection in my network. Can I connect all contacts?

Yes, you can create connections from you or your colleagues to contacts or in contacts. To do this, go to the page of one of the people and click “Add New Connection” below the tags.

Choose from your contacts and define the connection-status of the two people. E.g. “strong, weak, very strong” and so on.

The connection is automatically created with both people.

If you want to create connections between several people at once, you can easily do this via the multiple selection of the persons overview. As soon as you have selected more than one person by clicking on the corresponding picture, the multiple selection above the person list is activated. You can now add a connection by clicking “Connect”.

Afterwards you can specify the strength of the connection between all selected people and indicate the origin of the connection - for example the event, where the people have met first.

Remember: No connection between companies

Please note that connections are only possible between persons. You can not create a connection between two companies because the people who maintain the connection can change the company quickly.